How to Become a Midwest Sportsman Tournament Director

Midwest Sportsman is expanding and growing at an astonishing rate -- over the last five years we have grown at a rate of over 30% a year -- that's because we return more to the tournament fisherman!

We have higher paybacks -- we have a bigger classic -- it's just plain better tournament fishing for everyone.

If you want to become part of a winning team just call and we'll send you the information on becoming a Midwest Sportsman Director in your area.

You will be well rewarded by being a Midwest Sportsman Director - with our Bonus Program, Classic and other incentives you can be on your way to being a very successful tournament director in your home town.

For more information call:
(8120 859-4224


  1. Honesty

  2. Impartiality

  3. Dependable

  4. Ability to follow and enforce Midwest Sportsman rules.

  5. Willing to recruit new members to expand your division.

  6. Be able to sign up at least 20 members/10teams to start a division
    If you can fill the above requirements and have a friend to assist you then contact Phillip Tussey at 812-859-4224 to get started. I will get you started with your new division for the 2004 season. Midwest will supply you with all the equipment needed to run your division free of charge. All our directors and their assistants will go to the National  Classic in 2004 + other benefits. If there is an interest in tournament fishing in your area and you have bass in your state (largemouth, small mouth or spotted bass) any state in the U. S. Call Phillip and get all the details on how you can join the fastest growing Bass tournament organization in America at 812-859-4224 or e-mail [email protected] put Midwest Director inquiry in subject line

Directors positions open
Northern Indiana Lakes - 3 directors needed

Directors needed in Illinois any lake

Directors needed in Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, Arizona, New Mexico North or South Dakota.

Midwest Sportsman for Indiana Illinois and Minnesota