Division IN. 17 Tanners Creek, Ohio River Schedule & Results for 2007

Division IN -17 is proud to have Plapps's as a sponsor again in 2007

Division IN 17 Tanners Creek Ohio River Director: Robert Thompson 513-257-2863 cell 513-205-4549  [email protected] Assistant Director: Richard Thompson 513-821-6007 This is a 6 tournament circuit. Best 4 of 6 count towards classic field. Entry fee $70.00, 90% pay back at ramp. Big bass $10.00 (optional) 100% pay back. Take off will be determined by drawing at ramp.(Exception, First tournament 1st to enter will be 1st out.) The annual membership fee, $60.00 per person may be paid by check. Entry fee & big bass must be paid in cash.

4/28/07 Safe light -8hr. after take off 5/12/07 Safe light -8hr. after take off
6/2/07 Safe light -8hr. after take off 7/7/07 .Safe light -8hr. after take off
8/11/07 Safe light -8hr. after take off 8/25/07 Safe light -8hr. after take off
Flood Date: 9/1/06