The top 33 places took home cash and prizes

1st Kevin Henry (Franklin OH) and Craig Hipsher (Franklin OH) 882 Nitro
    (1st Place is a Nitro Boat valued at $23,000 and $10,000 Cash for total of $33,000.00) $10,000
2nd Marty Sisk (Evansville, IN) and Ken Heckel (Lamar, IN) $10,000
3rd Dan Runyan (Harriman, TN) and Delbert Aycock (Kingston, TN) $5,000.00
4th Phil Robinson (Ashland, KY) and Jim White (Ashland, KY) $3,500.00
5th Greg Murphy (Nicholasville, KY) and Shawn Murphy (Nicholasville, KY) $3,000.00
6th Willie Dowell (Harned, KY and Frank Bryson (Radcliff, KY) $2,500.00
7th Mitchell Majors (Lancaster, KY) and Johnny Maggard (Lancaster, KY) $2,000.00
8th Don Ingram (Greensburg, KY) and Ronnie Grant (Columbia, KY) $1,500.00
9th Kelly Warner (Homer, MI) and Kevin Warner (Homer, MI) $1,250.00
10th Barry Medley (Middletown, OH) and Mike Farley (S. Lebanon, OH) $1,000.00
11th Tony Stamaties (Mt. Sterling, KY) and Ronnie Frazier (Owingsville, KY) $950.00
12th Mike Russell (Maysville, KY) and Kathy Russell (Maysville, KY) $900.00
13th William Paul (Jacksboro, TN) and George Seiber (Lafollette, TN) $875.00
14th Michael McCubbins (Summersville, KY) and Tommy Pepper (Greensburg, KY) $850.00
15th Gene Calloway (Lexington, IN) and John Cain (Marysville, IN) $825.00
16th Tom Evans (Spring City, TN) and Felix Fugate (Spring City, TN) $800.00
17th Jason Tucker (Somerset, KY) and Phil Williams (Nancy, KY) $775.00
18th Scott Clift (Aldrich, MO) and Ashley Medley (Everton, MO) $750.00
19th John Handzel (Floyds Knob, IN) and Russ Gates (Georgetown, IN) $725.00
20th Ronald Cook (Russell Springs, KY) and Larry Cundiff (Dunnville, KY) $700.00
21st Doug Ward (Big Rapids, MI) and Dennis Ward (Reed City, MI) $675.00
22nd Greg DiPalma (Millsville, NJ) and Michael Sims (Elmer, NJ) $650.00
23rd Don Rank (Elkhart, IN) and Jim Horn (Buchanan, MI) $625.00
24th Gary Bussen (Edwardsburg, MI) and Brian Hensley (Edwardsburg, MI) $600.00
25th Paul Bible (Greenville, TN) and Shaun Bible (Greenville, TN) $550.00
26th Floyd Daulton (Canaan, IN) and Randy Mahoney (Madison, IN) $525.00
27th Toney Beal (Bloomington, IN) and Jackson Beal (Bloomington, IN) $500.00
28th Ryan Deal (Haubstadt, IN) and Mike Kemmerling (Poesyvill, IN) $475.00
29th Jack Gill (Republic, MO) and Tyler Quessenberry (Marionville, MO) $450.00
30th Wes Day (Nicholasville, KY) and Robert Pillow (Versailles, KY) $400.00
31st James Turner (Clarksville, IN) and Patrick Mertins (Charlestown, IN) $300.00
32nd Steve Wever (Bedford, IN) and Jim Courtright (Mitchell, IN) $250.00
33rd Bill Donaldson (Mainsville, OH) and Ed Sizemore (Lebanon, OH) $200.00

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